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Great Tutor "Danielle is that rare tutor that can help all levels. She understands the school systems and how they run. So she can help with homework, test preparation, helping the children move ahead as well as preparing them for standardized tests. Danielle is also wonderful with all different age groups. I've recommend her to friends who have high school children and I've used her for my middle school child and my elementary school child. Her warmth makes her very comfortable to be around and her knowledge makes me know that my children are getting exactly what they need."

Very Motivated, Loves her Students Provided by Citysearch

"Danielle is one of the most passionate tutors I have ever met. She completely devotes herself to her students and their learning. I have known Danielle for years now, and she is one of the smartest and most motivated people I know. Danielle has always loved learning herself and it is only completely natural for her to pass this love onto her students.Danielle is creative in developing teaching methods that work for all learning styles, and understands how to relate to her students of all ages.I would highly recommend Danielle any day. I promise you would not be disappointed, and her past students' test scores can prove it."

5 stars Highly recommend Danielle!

We had Danielle tutor our 16 year old daughter with great results. Yes, we all want to see ""good grades"", but giving our daughter tools for learning is what we really found valuable. Note taking, outlining and test study prep have been big challenges for our daughter and Danielle is systematically teaching her how to approach these skills. I believe with Danielle's methods, commitment and personality, any student would benefit. And she relates so well on a personal level, too!"

Great Results!

"Danielle helped my sixth grader all year with Math and Science. She helped her learn to learn! She used techniques and aides to help my daughter understand concepts and retain the information. I do not think she could have gotten through the sixth grade without her (and neither could we). When my tenth grader needed extra help and guidance, Danielle was a perfect match for her as well. Danielle has a wonderful style and ease of teaching that makes her perfectly suited to all types of students."

Awesome Tutoring!

" Danielle was quick to respond after I was deferred to UGA early action. We needed to complete the next step of the application-the essays. We only met up 2 times, but Danielle gave me insight into what UGA was looking for in the application that I never would have known without her help . She responded to all my emails promptly and was extremely patient with me. Three months later, I was accepted to UGA - thanks to Danielle's help."

One Exceptional Teacher

"We have been interviewing with tutors to boost the performance of my 16 years old rising Junior who is already doing well (As and high Bs). While I have strong confidence that my daughter will end up in good collage with or without tutor, my intention is to give her this extra edge that will get her into premium collages or Ivy League schools. Danielle spent many hours with my daughter, spoke in depth with me and with my Ex-wife and took the time to learn about my daughter like no other tutor did. On her own, Danielle, learned many things about my daughter only me “a very close dad” knows. She identified important issues such as learning styles that would work best just for my daughter. Danielle is extremely bright successful young lady. She relates very well to teens, and I can see why my 16 years old look at her as a role model. She is very organized and methodical which especially important for my daughter.  We have chosen her to be our daughter tutor in this very curtail year in making the grades and get ready for collage. I Hold a Doctoral degree spend 11+years in college, I know how great teacher look like; I highly recommend Danielle"

So helpful to all of my kids ages 10-18!

"Danielle is professional with parents and motivating to kids of all ages. She tutored my daughters (4th & 6th grade) all school year and worked with my 18 year old step daughter on college admissions and essays. She was invaluable."

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